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Challenging the Status Quo

Advisory Firm, IRAs, Tax Strategy

We get puzzled looks from new clients when we explain our position on taxable fixed income (bonds) in IRAs. Traditional planning advice recommends placing your highest growth assets in an IRA to maximize the tax deferral. We usually recommend the complete opposite approach, which becomes more and more preferable the higher the income of the current or future retiree.

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Structured Notes Deconstructed

bonds, stock market

We occasionally see portfolios come in for review containing structured notes. There are a wide variety of them, so I will speak generally. Not everything I will say applies to all, but likely most.

A structured note is a bond from a brokerage firm or sponsor which represents an underlying derivative. Most often, this derivative is a set of option contracts. The underlying derivative is what sets the parameters of upside vs. downside and can make them seem like a viable proposition.

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Market Optimism

Investing, stock market

I’m a cynic when it comes to the nature of humans but an optimist when it comes to the nature of markets. To be a pessimist, I would have to believe that markets are somehow doomed or that people are irredeemable. Neither is true. And when I speak of being a human nature cynic, rest assured I’m putting myself in the same category. I’m not judging people from some lofty height; I’m in the muck with all the other sinners. However, I have a unique vantage point, and by observing my own mistakes and those of so many others, I have insight into what works and what doesn’t. One of my most strongly held and loudly professed beliefs is the wild advantage of sitting still.

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COVER STORY: 10 Most Influential Finance Executives to Watch

Advisory Firm

From Financial Advisor to Published Author: Gil Baumgarten’s Multi-Faceted Success

Our very own Gil Baumgarten was featured on CIO View’s May 2023 cover as an “Influential Finance Executive to Watch in 2023.” Gil shares the journey of his career, how to navigate the tax code, and his future plans for Segment Wealth Management.

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ESG Shortcomings Are Exploitable


The impending recession that the bumbling federal reserve seems intent on creating will present some risks and some opportunities. While they signal that they may be finished with hiking rates, current employment numbers are still too high, and the Fed will hike until they break something. One could argue that the first cracks are showing in the banking business.

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The Importance of Tax Strategy

Advisory Firm, Tax Strategy

Just in time for Tax Day 2023, Gil talks tax strategy with the Houston Business Journal.

“With tax season upon us, it seems an appropriate time to discuss tax strategy with a local specialist. Investors might assume that the frontline professionals for advanced tax strategy are CPAs. However, some investors find that their CPAs work retroactively, focusing on preparing tax returns more than strategizing with their clients about optimal ways to reduce or eliminate taxes. Our highlighted executive today is not a CPA but has four decades of investing experience while navigating IRS rules and has developed a reputation as a specialist in reducing tax friction in his clients’ investment portfolios.”

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Segment Ranked #23 in Texas: Barron’s Top 1200

Advisory Firm

We are proud to be ranked once again in Barron’s “Top 1,200 Financial Advisors,” in which we are ranked #23 among advisors in Texas!

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Death and Taxes: Not So Certain After All

Advisory Firm, Tax Strategy

Gil published a piece in Forbes Council titled, “Death and Taxes: Not So Certain After All.”

After years of writing about the subject, long-time readers will surely realize how degrading taxes are to returns. With market liquidity at all-time highs and trading commissions now free, investors are seemingly incentivized to trade their accounts. The math is simple right? All one must do is spot a better opportunity and taxes are just a part of the game, right? Yes, but how big of a part?

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Recession? Who Knows?

Market Volatility, stock market

Economist Paul Samuelson famously quipped that “the stock market has predicted nine of the past five recessions.” This tongue-in-cheek expression reflected his view of jumpy stock investors’ impact on the market, who pile in and out, often letting fear win out over fact.

Current tea leaf readings might have one conclude that a recession is imminent, and that may be true. The bond market gives pretty reliable clues, an inverted yield curve among the most notable.

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Expect to Bleed at the Cutting Edge

Behavioral Finance, Investing, stock market

It is quite fun to try to predict the future and invest in companies in the sweet spot of your prognostications. Investing in long-term growth trends with short-term dislocations is a viable strategy, and we do this often. But finding the “next big thing” is entirely different and is fraught with pitfalls. Such positioning comes with great peril because the future is not that predictable. More importantly, it is also likely that other investors share your view already and beating you to the punch is what causes FOMO and will likely cause you to overpay.

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