Sometimes “good enough” just isn’t good enough. Some things demand excellence.
Namely, financial advice.

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Understand the system
Know yourself
Know your costs
Change your mind
Choose differently
Find peace of mind

Investors often devote too much time, money, and emotional capital into managing their investments. They tend to fall into traps regarding understanding their own motivations, coupled with a misunderstanding of taxes and costs.

After 40 years of managing money for others, I have built systems to streamline efficiencies and build repeatable advantages. This helps to lower investor anxiety about uncertainty and choices. My firm, Segment Wealth Management, is also legally bound to advocate for client outcomes since we are a fiduciary-only firm with minimal conflicts of interest.

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Wall Street brokerage firms won’t be happy about this book.

That's because they've built their business on profiting in the shadows. In FOOLISH, ex-broker Gil Baumgarten is turning on the lights.

Ex-Wall Street broker turned fee-only fiduciary, Gil Baumgarten, has written the book that will rile up one of two emotions from many former Wall Street brokers. They will either be relieved that someone is finally telling the story, or they will be horrified that their secrets have been laid bare. Regardless, it’s what every investor needs to hear in order to arm themselves with information and be on guard about how the system is built to help Wall Street get into investors’ pockets.

"This priceless assembly of observations and remedies will save you years of agony and disappointment with your investments. Read this and follow this playbook."

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